Is Coaching Right For Me?

Is Coaching for you?

coaching is a perfect next step for you if you set a goal or intention to:

Skeptical? Not a problem as long as you’re willing to come with an open mind.

Coaching strengthens leadership skills

and an organization’s ability to achieve its goals and build capacity.

While any topic is fair game for coaching, here are some of the most common topics/issues that leaders identify as most important:

Break through limiting beliefs,

the patterns, and self-imposed barriers that keep you from next level success.

You can learn all the best business strategies and tactics, but if you’re not doing the personal growth inner work to back it up, you’ll hit a self-imposed plateau every time.

Coaching is your secret weapon for amplifying your success in every area of your professional and personal life. It’s based on the latest research in neuroscience, communication, leadership and professional development.

It strikes the perfect balance between taking action and introspection.

Want to learn what’s possible in your life and career? See you on Zoom!

Coaching is not for you if you are...

Leadership Coaching Opportunities

Are you a Non-profit Executive Director or a Development Director? The Goodwin Foundation has created leadership and capacity building coaching opportunities at no charge to you or your organization.

We offer three types of coaching options:

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching for Non-Profit
Executive Directors & Development

Small Group Coaching

Small group coaching for Non-Profit
Executive Directors, Development
Directors & their teams

Women's Leadership Mastermind

Women Only Mastermind for NonProfit
Executive Directors, Development
Directors & Senior Management staff

"Cultivate a network of trusted mentors and colleagues. Other people can give us the best insight into ourselves—and our own limitations. We must have the courage to ask for help and to request feedback to expand our vision of what's possible.”

Maria Castañón Moats

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